Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goodbye Mrs Guilt

Hearing the footsteps down the hallway……..

What comes to mind?

Is it the pitter patter of bare little feet, someone special coming home, your boss bringing you another task to complete, a hot cup of coffee on its way or is it your footsteps echoing back at you?
The chances are that they could be all of the above excluding the hot coffee if you are a working mum.

From the moment you wake, whether it be by choice or by child or alarm, there is a responsibility to be someone, go somewhere and do something and when we make time to drink the cold cup of coffee and bite on the soggy biscuit that we made at 6.57am and don’t get to have until 3.48pm, Mrs Guilt still comes knocking….

So lets get our time in perspective and take a glorious guilt free moment. Are you ready? It may have been a while and we can’t rush ourselves into something we might find satisfying.

Step One
Remind yourself of something you have done today for someone else.
(Wash bubs clothes, Confirmed your bosses dentist appointment, Packed a lunch box)

Step Two
Thank yourself for doing something for someone else day.
(Yes out loud…. If you need to add in a hug for yourself - DO IT! And even giggle after.)

Step Three
Reward yourself by allocating ten minutes of your day to boil the kettle, make the coffee and drink it while it is still hot remembering that you have done something today for someone else and in return you are allowed to drink a hot coffee completely guilt free.

Now lets get our week ahead in order……. or even tomorrow.

Get your diary out. If you don’t have a diary, now is the time to get one so you can schedule all of the important ‘to dos’ including coffee breaks.
In your list for tomorrow, include the chores, the tasks, the jobs, the outings, the meals and the moments you need to thank yourself for being extraordinary.

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