Thursday, September 30, 2010

7 Steps to an AWESOME Worklife


We at Ipswich Women in Business are so very L U C K Y...

Just this week we had the fantastic Lissa from OrgSuccess present to us on "7 Steps to an AWESOME Worklife". And this not only applies to business owners but for employees too. Let's face it, our business life takes up a lot of our waking hours, so why not love it?

I think with all the women in business that we know, we can safely say that we all L O V E what we do. Check. However one thing we can find ourselves doing is slipping into a place of self doubt and causing a lot of mind chatter to occur. Most of us I'm certain can put our hands up to doing this from time to time. It is a matter of accepting this and knowing that you're not the only person in all the world who is feeling or has felt this way. The important thing here is understanding and utilising tools to pull yourself up again and refocus on your vision.

So with Lissa's Seven Steps she provided us with these tools which were clear, simple to follow and if done so will have you living this AWESOME WORKLIFE.

We ended the night with some burlesque fun from one our own gorgeous members, Cara at Boutique Tres Chic who helped us out with our lucky door gifts from Jam Pot, Precious Packages and Vintage by Lou Lou.

If you would like to find out more about 7 Steps to an AWESOME Worklife, we highly recommend you contact Lissa from OrgSuccess.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~ Surfin' the Radio Waves ~

Outside the 4zZz studio

I think it can honestly be said that you just never know where you will end up finding Janette and myself promoting Ipswich Women in Business.

Early this morning was no exception as we "jumped" out of bed at 2am (as Janette so enthusiastically explained even if somewhat jokingly) to head into the studios of 4zZz in The Fortitude Valley.


We were uncertain as what to expect but can I just say that Jessie who interviewed us from Megaherzzz was just lovely, relaxed and helped make the interview a positive experience for us both. To top it off Jessie was completely excited about what IWIB does and is all about.

Janette excited as we wait for our interview

The interview was heard locally and also streamed live to the US and Europe which is very exciting. We will be receiving a copy of the interview in the next week so stay tuned friends.

Louisa @ IWIB