Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hats to George...

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Who would of thought that an elderly and intellectually disabled man who had lived on the streets for most of his life would have anything to teach a room full of business women?

Last night we were blessed with the story of a man called George who did just that.

Born in the 1920s and put into an orphanage by family from an early age, George slipped through the cracks and ended up on the streets.

An alcoholic for the most part of his life, he was street savvy and new all the tricks to surviving on the streets.

Amongst the tear jerking and heartstring pulling antidotes on George's life, the five key points of surviving on the streets that paralleled with business survival came down to -

  • A sense of "Purpose"

  • "Being Yourself" ALWAYS

  • Ability to "Bounce" back quickly

  • "Know your street"/Know your industry

  • And be prepared to make "Change" if and when required.

George did end up with a happy ending thanks to the incredible Jennifer Beadnell from Veitablu who adopted him in his 70s and took him home. George immediately gave up drinking and his quality and enjoyment of life improved.

In saying this it was not only George but Jennifer too who had something to teach us all about the human spirit.

Our livelihood is paramount to our quality of life and should be something we are passionate about, but family and friendship is what makes it all worthwhile.

And on a final note as Amanda from Foyster's said business survival has a lot to do with "releasing the victim mentality" and George who had every reason to behave as a victim didn't and was forever optimistic surviving each day at a time and coming out triumphant.

(There were many stories I took note of from last night but they're Jennifer's and George's and she is best telling them. I would not do them justice and if ever you have the opportunity to hear Jennifer talk on George, I suggest you take it)

Story by Louisa Janke


  1. Great post Lou - you have honoured Jen and George by quoting her talk perfectly. Things changed for me last night after hearing their stories, and I thought I was on the path already!

    Thanks again for inviting her to speak.

  2. Wow, how awesome! Please let me know if Jen & George speak somewhere again. Just so inspiring!!

  3. You are welcome Amanda :) And will do Bev.