Monday, March 8, 2010


Image by Alison McGrath

Welcome all!  Yesterday was International Women's Day; a celebration of what it is to be a woman today from our many different cultural backgrounds and walks of life that we all come from.  On Friday I had the opportunity to hear two very inspiring Ipswich Women, Flo Kearney (Principal of Ipswich Girls' Grammar) and Alison McGrath (Managing Director of Recruitment Queensland) speak of what inspires and motivates them in their careers and life.  Both mothers who emphasise an importance on family, what it essentially came down to was PASSION FOR WHAT THEY DO.  

Their personal stories were touching and inspiring but it was Alison McGrath's experience with Business Chicks that inspired me most.  In late 2009 Alison, after a year of physical and mental preparation embarked on a journey of a lifetime with a group of other business women (Business Chicks) from around Australia in Cambodia.  On bikes they rode across the country raising money and awareness for Sunrise Children's Villages run by dedicated Australian woman, Geraldine Cox.  

These villages are safe havens for these children who have not only been orphaned but also abandoned by their family members.  Their personal accounts are heart wrenching  but what I found as a ray of sunshine and hope is this "giving back" attitude these women have.  I am personally looking at sponsoring a couple of children not only to help rebuild lives but to give my family the experience of learning about another culture, developing a deeper sense of gratitude and who knows what beautiful friendships could come from it.  When we choose to give, we in turn receive a reward far greater.

We would love to hear stories from any other Women in Business who have had the opportunity to "give back".

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