Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...


Giddy Up

Janette and Louisa: Co-founders of IWIB

Cara from Boutique Tres Chic

Kyla from Little Bird, Tamika from Suncorp and Cara from Boutique Tres Chic

Amanda from Popetos, Vanessa from Funky Face and Body Painting, and Burt our token male

Lorelle from Lady Beetles Solutions, Janette from Precious Packages and Cas from Mumatopia

And more Cara from Boutique Tres Chic xx

I think we can safely say that us ladies at IWIB certainly love what we do. Here we are at The Metro Hotel - Ipswich International celebrating The Melbourne Cup with like minded peeps.

And yes there is no denying we enjoy any opportunity to get dressed up. Now which horse won again?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

7 Steps to an AWESOME Worklife


We at Ipswich Women in Business are so very L U C K Y...

Just this week we had the fantastic Lissa from OrgSuccess present to us on "7 Steps to an AWESOME Worklife". And this not only applies to business owners but for employees too. Let's face it, our business life takes up a lot of our waking hours, so why not love it?

I think with all the women in business that we know, we can safely say that we all L O V E what we do. Check. However one thing we can find ourselves doing is slipping into a place of self doubt and causing a lot of mind chatter to occur. Most of us I'm certain can put our hands up to doing this from time to time. It is a matter of accepting this and knowing that you're not the only person in all the world who is feeling or has felt this way. The important thing here is understanding and utilising tools to pull yourself up again and refocus on your vision.

So with Lissa's Seven Steps she provided us with these tools which were clear, simple to follow and if done so will have you living this AWESOME WORKLIFE.

We ended the night with some burlesque fun from one our own gorgeous members, Cara at Boutique Tres Chic who helped us out with our lucky door gifts from Jam Pot, Precious Packages and Vintage by Lou Lou.

If you would like to find out more about 7 Steps to an AWESOME Worklife, we highly recommend you contact Lissa from OrgSuccess.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~ Surfin' the Radio Waves ~

Outside the 4zZz studio

I think it can honestly be said that you just never know where you will end up finding Janette and myself promoting Ipswich Women in Business.

Early this morning was no exception as we "jumped" out of bed at 2am (as Janette so enthusiastically explained even if somewhat jokingly) to head into the studios of 4zZz in The Fortitude Valley.


We were uncertain as what to expect but can I just say that Jessie who interviewed us from Megaherzzz was just lovely, relaxed and helped make the interview a positive experience for us both. To top it off Jessie was completely excited about what IWIB does and is all about.

Janette excited as we wait for our interview

The interview was heard locally and also streamed live to the US and Europe which is very exciting. We will be receiving a copy of the interview in the next week so stay tuned friends.

Louisa @ IWIB

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Mumatopia Launch - A Job Well Done Baby

The Mumatopia Launch - an online website with plenty of resources from planning a baby right through to early parenting - was this Saturday past and if all the buzz and excitement is anything to go by on how well the night went, Cas McCullough reached the stars and I'm not quite sure if she has come back down yet.

And if you weren't able to make this market we had so many parents asking when the next one would be, and so there may be something in the pipeline to make this an annual event.

Kyla Story of Little Bird fame captured some fantastic images from the evening which you can see below. We haven't included any kids shots but I'm sure the images paint a thousand words of what the night was all about.

Market browsing

Kerry-Anne aka Lady Pineapple of Pineapple Productions

Mumatopia, Little Brown Dog, Chrissy Foreman C

Kerryn, one of our fantastic volunteers

Vintage by Lou Lou

Jet Beads

Cake love from Fourth Child

Tim Jackman, The King of the Kids

Artist Kylie Stevens


Nadia Sunde

Vintage by Lou Lou brooches

Jet Beads

& some more market browsing

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Next Event - Work/Life Balance; Remembering Self

Email - 
to enquire further.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Swich Launches...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I was invited to attend the launch of "The Swich" and was impressed by what LeAnne Vincent and Gilbert Burgh have achieved. They have brought to Ipswich a professional gallery space with a range of quality investment art available for purchase. The face at the "Top End of Town" is certainly changing.

Currently showcasing works from both local and international artists.

Open Tuesday - Friday (9am-4pm) & Saturday (9am-2pm).

by Louisa Janke

All things Mumatopia this Saturday

Cas McCullough and mum Rebecca Lewis with her daughter

This Saturday we have the exciting official launch of Cas McCullough's business, Mumatopia.

Mumatopia is an online business that provides parenting advice right from the pregnancy stage, birth and into early parenting.

Cas also promotes her birth doula service which provides emotional and physical support for mothers during these stages of pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

You will also find an online shop, blog, reference material and much more.

The launch will feature guest speakers, a twilight market and entertainment.

4pm - 8.30pm
14th August
8 Harlin Rd, Sadliers Crossing

by Louisa Janke

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hats to George...

Image found here

Who would of thought that an elderly and intellectually disabled man who had lived on the streets for most of his life would have anything to teach a room full of business women?

Last night we were blessed with the story of a man called George who did just that.

Born in the 1920s and put into an orphanage by family from an early age, George slipped through the cracks and ended up on the streets.

An alcoholic for the most part of his life, he was street savvy and new all the tricks to surviving on the streets.

Amongst the tear jerking and heartstring pulling antidotes on George's life, the five key points of surviving on the streets that paralleled with business survival came down to -

  • A sense of "Purpose"

  • "Being Yourself" ALWAYS

  • Ability to "Bounce" back quickly

  • "Know your street"/Know your industry

  • And be prepared to make "Change" if and when required.

George did end up with a happy ending thanks to the incredible Jennifer Beadnell from Veitablu who adopted him in his 70s and took him home. George immediately gave up drinking and his quality and enjoyment of life improved.

In saying this it was not only George but Jennifer too who had something to teach us all about the human spirit.

Our livelihood is paramount to our quality of life and should be something we are passionate about, but family and friendship is what makes it all worthwhile.

And on a final note as Amanda from Foyster's said business survival has a lot to do with "releasing the victim mentality" and George who had every reason to behave as a victim didn't and was forever optimistic surviving each day at a time and coming out triumphant.

(There were many stories I took note of from last night but they're Jennifer's and George's and she is best telling them. I would not do them justice and if ever you have the opportunity to hear Jennifer talk on George, I suggest you take it)

Story by Louisa Janke

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Autumn Dreaming...Ipswich Gala Charity Fashion Parade


Ipswich is having it's first gala fashion event which we are all very excited about.  And to top it off it's in support of a wonderful charity located in Thailand called Samuel's House, a safe haven for orphaned and abandoned children.

Please contact to inquire further.

Have a great day,


Lake Manchester Markets


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ipswich Women in Business Next Event

Women communicate differently at home, at work, with their family and friends.

Amanda Foy is a wife, mother and now business owner. She decided after 21 years of working for other people, and being given a redundancy from a large Ipswich business, that she had been handed a perfect opportunity to help other's communicate effectively by setting up Foyster's Communication, a communications and events agency here in Ipswich.

Amanda's topic of discussion this month is "Know Your True Value" which will focus on recognising traits Women in Business may have and how to embrace those traits, or change the mind set if they aren't serving you. Most of all we will be motivated to understand how we can personally value what we are providing our clients, colleagues and family. Amanda's unique approach to communicating and motivation will inspire us all to re-stock and set off on our paths to success.

Everyone will receive a special keep-sake to take back to their businesses with them and a night they won't forget!

Seats are strictly limited to 30 people - BOOK NOW!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ipswich Indoor Baazar...

The Ipswich Indoor Baazar was on again this Sunday past and with just so many fabulous stall holders I just wanted to share some of the many great products available.

Fiddlewood House Jewelry


Scurette - Stylish Little Critters

Cranberry Lane

Little Bird

Little Originals

The Ipswich Indoor Baazar also has a variety of gorgeous homewares, yummy cupcakes, plants, specialty fudge and so much more.

If you are interested in finding out more on having your own stall contact Kerryn on 0438 780 339.

The Ipswich Indoor Baazar will be visiting the Bush Kidz Market Day (11 Eleazar Dr, Blacksoil) on 11th April from 8am-12noon.

Love to see you there :)

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    Precious Packages Twilight Shopping


    Twilight Trading

    This Friday 26th March 4pm - 9pm

    Come along and bring your friends!

    9 Harlin Road, Sadliers Crossing


    PP Gift Shop

    A selection of gifts including home wares, books, decorative items, homemade specialities and treats for you.

    PP Gift Hampers and Baskets

    All of our gifts are personally prepared for your order. 

    We have some prepared for inspiration.

    We specialise in beautiful hampers and baskets for every occasion.

    Orders can be placed in store or by email or by telephone on 3389 6988.

    PP Gift Registry

    Our unique gift registry service boasts some of Ipswich's most exceptional retailers.  All Occasions.

    Whether you are expecting three guests or three hundred Precious Packages is for you. We take care of the shopping, wrapping and delivery for any occasion or all occasions.

    PP  Corporate Packages

    Precious Packages can arrange gifts for all of your corporate requirements.

    New Ipswich Business - Chocolate Decadence

    If you're like me this new business "Chocolate Decadence" makes me smile. With Easter just next week what a perfect time to make yourself acquainted with it. Actually if you're really like me, you don't need an excuse to eat chocolate.
    What a great shop to support :) Ipswich, we are so fortunate to have it. 
    Article from Advetiser

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    The French Employer/Employee relationship...

    Image found here

    I visited one of my favourite blogs French Essence by Vicki, (an Australian woman who lives with her family on their olive farm in France) where she wrote about the relationship between Employer and Employee in France.

    For many reasons as business women we decide to go out on our own and build a business but I think one of these reasons would have to be how we may have felt in previous employment roles.  This may include not feeling appreciated and our own worth undervalued or this sense of just being part of a rat race.

    So when I read Vicki's latest blog I thought I must share it here because admittedly not perfect in a complete business sense it does have a more positive and wholesome approach to an employer and employee relationship and perhaps one that we too would want to foster certain elements of in our own businesses.  When I read this blog it made me think of, "Working to live rather than living to work".  



    Vicki from French Essence -

    The French Gardien

    As much as I love travelling, I love home more. Life on this farm turns with or without me. That is the thing about nature, she won't wait and in my absence routines run, new plans must be put in place, the olives tended and the garden maintained. The French gardien, the caretaker, makes this happen. Our gardien is Gérard and without him my world would be a different place. Not because he is an employee and helps me with the jobs that need to be done but because he is an integral and important part of my French life. As an Australian I understand the employer/employee relationship. I respect contracts and working conditions and at one time or another I have been both employer and employee. This does not work in the same way here in France; we are connected and accountable to each other in ways that go beyond the sheet of paper that contractually binds us. I am le patron. I am the person responsible for Gérard, his well being, his happiness and his fiscal future. In turn he has my back; he is loyal, he has only my best interests at heart and I believe he would protect me with his life if ever called upon. He truly does 'take care'. Okay, that sounds a bit dramatic but life in France is not cut and dried and nor is it always business-like and set in stone. It is messy and it is emotional with traditions and practises that date back hundreds of years.

    It all started back in 1999 when we bought an abandoned fruit farm in Provence. It was going to take time to establish the olive grove that would one day make the farm a viable notion and to renovate the crumbling farmhouse as our home. We were unable to live permanently in France at that time and had chosen London as our base - we needed somebody local to help supervise and co-ordinate our dreams. That is when I met Gérard and that was the start of our ten year 'relationship'. When I use that word 'relationship' I cringe for all the icky connotations that this over used word brings. Yet I can think of no other word that would describe so well how things are between us. It is not a partnership in the way one would imagine because we are not equal - I am the boss - yet it is a partnership in the sense that we are co-dependent. We have come to respect each other and the cultural differences that divide us. I have learned patience and that all decisions require hours of mind numbing chat before a 
    qui or d'accord can sign things off. Gérard appreciates my limited concentration span and recognises that glazed eyes and a lack of response mean it's time to wrap it up. 

    Gérard would never contradict a decision that I make even if it was the wrong one. This is where I find the 'relationship' a conundrum. As 
    le patron in this French system, my word is the one that goes. This antiquated practise has cost me much in time and money. I am a novice farmer, I am an Australian woman operating in a foreign land and more often than not I have been clueless about many things. I am also comfortable with engaged and informed discussion between employer and employee. Where I come from every one has their say and the information is assimilated and the best practise followed. It is a more informal approach, not so here. The truths sheepishly hide themselves until le patron's ways are well and truly proven a folly. Afterwards, there is much, 'I would never have done it that way' and 'that's not the way we do it here' conversation accompanied by vigourous head shaking and hand gestures with a most definite, 'I told you so' hanging in the air. Only the French gardien didn't tell me so and he never does tell me that I am doing it all wrong and he never would. That would be far too familiar and not his place. I have wised up a little now, after countless frustrations, and always ask for his opinion. When resistance and reluctance to share his pearls stand in our way I cloak my question with an, 'If it were you'...This way I get to the heart of the matter; I save face and my pennies.

    The French g
    ardien and le patron are emotionally dependent. Well Gérard and I are at least. It is very simple; if he is happy, I am happy. (See the word  'relationship' is perfect...) We meet every morning when I am home and the risk of repeating myself, I mean talk. We talk until there are no words left, until the subjects have been thrashed and thrashed over and over and then some. It is the tumble dryers of conversations but without the timer. There is no such thing as a quiet morning at the farm and as much as I make fun of it, I love it. It is the way it is; it is my status quo. In amongst our farm talk, our garden chat and our household natter we gossip about the nitty gritty. Health (always lots of that) and family matters pepper our professional dialogue. Gérard seeks out and values my opinion when it comes to matters of the heart or family dramas. I listen, for that is my role as le patron. He has confided in me many times over the years yet I would not with him; that would be crossing an invisible line of propriety that must remain to preserve our relationship. That is the strangeness of our pairing. We are more than friends but never that. 

    Today's meeting ran for hours and included much tree lopping talk and a garden tour to evaluate the snow damage (yes lots of that - we had two heavy snowfalls this winter that created havoc with the olive trees and the more fragile plants in the garden). We measured the quantity of camouflage netting we will need to recreate the shaded area at the swimming pool (more snow damage) and we chose the colours for the re-painting of the outdoor furniture. I heard all about an Elvis concert in Paris that he attended with his wife (he lost me there for a moment...all I could say was, 'long live the King'...), the trials and tribulations of elderly 
    beaux parents living alone in the mountains and most importantly we discussed the name of our new puppy who will arrive at the end of April. It was a busy morning....

    Like all things there are French 
    gardiens and then there are French gardiens. Gérard is one in a million. xv

    Monday, March 8, 2010


    Visit Recruitment Queensland to find out more...

    Meet Janette Adams from Precious Packages...

    Recently I wrote a blog on Janette for my Vintage by Lou Lou blog and thought by sharing it here would be a great way for new IWIB supporters to find out a little more about Janette and her business...


    Janette Adams

    I had the opportunity to speak with Janette Adams of Precious Packages from Ipswich. We shared many similar ideas on the values of business and as so many of these fall along the way side today where many larger corporations are concerned, I thought it important to share our conversation here on Janette’s home based business.

    Janette loves paisley fabrics as seen in this cushion amongst other home wares

    VBLL: What inspired you to open your own business?

    Janette: Quite simply my daughter. When I was pregnant with her and as I waited in anticipation for her arrival, I referred to her as my “precious package”. I also have my own children’s label, “Busy Being” and that too was inspired by my daughter. After school I would always ask her, “ What did you do today? Were you busy being beautiful?”. And that is where the name for Busy Being was born from.

    A range of cotton blend tea towels

    VBLL: How do you describe what your business is all about?

    Janette: It’s a gift shop where you’ll find a range of home wares, books, a children’s clothing range and more. I also provide hand selected and individualised gift hampers for personal and corporate clients.

    Janette's home wares displayed in a fresh cream and white interior

    VBLL: Why did you choose what it is you do?

    Janette: I live my passion/s, whatever they might be each day. Precious Packages is just that (a passion) and by having my own business I hope to inspire others to do the same. Everything I choose in my life I enjoy.

    Refreshment provided in the much needed Ipswich Summers

    VBLL: Which direction would you like to see you business go?

    Janette: As my business grows I can see myself moving from my home based location to larger premises in the Ipswich area. This will also provide local employment opportunities, which once again is giving back to the community. Another goal of mine as my business expands is to create awareness and support of local causes.

    Robert Gordon favourites available from Precious Packages

    VBLL: What is fabulous about having a small business in the Ipswich area?

    Janette: It supports the regeneration of Ipswich by bringing life back to it. It also allows you to get to know people and provide true customer service. As I mentioned earlier it also creates awareness of better options for others interested in beginning their own businesses and that anything is possible.

    Precious Packages is open Wednesday through to Saturday and also provides Devonshire Teas and Cheese and Wine evenings (bookings required).

    Visit for further information.